Thursday, 15 October 2015

Back in The Sun (Jupiter Sunset, 1970)

As you may know by reading my previous posts, I like very much digging in the proto-prog era in search of long forgotten songs bearing the smell and the sounds of a naive and sparkling time. This band, called Jupiter Sunset, wasn't an obscure one, as this debut single in particular was a huge success in Belgium and also entered the French charts. They were definitely inspired by the likes of Moody Blues and Procol Harum, still they were fresh and original, and they were able to mix melody and energy in a bunch of dense and pleasant songs.

Soon after this single, the band released an album, also called
"Back in The Sun". Another good specimen of early prog era.

Their singer has the full-bodied voice the public loved in those days and surely they wrote a very good theme for their first single. Jupiter Sunset also released a few more hits in French speaking Countries, then they came back some years later as Jupiter Sunset Disco Band. On the dance floors, this time. C'est la vie, my friends...

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