Friday, 30 October 2015

A Room with A View (Anubis, 2014)

This song by Australian band Anubis comes from the album "Hitchhiking to Byzantium" and is a long and mostly dreamy epic, featuring a lot of good musical themes with very well found changes throughout. Anubis come from strict Floydian worship, but they're getting more and more original. "A Room with A View" still feature Gilmour-esque guitars, but also pleasant piano touches, catchy country verses and flute zigzags à la Ian Anderson.
Being the follow-up of a very successful album, this work was
a serious challenge for our Aussie proggers...
The final picture is rather diversified but never incoherent, with a bonus Brit-pop smell now and then, a melodic trend I definitely like. Each theme is well exploited and cleverly linked to the following by by wide open instrumental passages and especially guitar solos. A sunny side of prog, a catchy and also smart way to write and perform our favourite genre today. IMHO, that's to say.

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