Sunday, 25 October 2015

Vent du Midi (Brèche, 1979)

Another pearl from Québec, "la Belle Province", another one-shot band winding between symphonic and folk rock. Their sole studio work was titled "Carapace et chair tendre" (meaning "Shell And Tender Flesh"), and this "Vent du Midi" ("South Wind") is one of the longest tracks in it and likely my favourite one. A flushing choice of acoustic instruments, a good rythmic work, a pleasant series of tempo changes and a bunch of well found themes are but some of the winning points of this instrumental.

This beautiful album still awaits a CD release so far.
The violin and the winds alternate on a a piano and acoustic guitar carpet building up a joyous atmosphere and more intimate passages, both full of positive and sunny flavours. It's not a common feature in prog rock and related genres, so I consider this as a welcome bonus. I like each and every moment of "Vent du Midi"... hope you'll like it a little at least.

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