Tuesday 13 October 2015

Canzona [There Will Be Time] (Osanna, 1972)

The Italian band Osanna met the composer and orchestra director Luis Enrique Bacalov in 1972 in order to provide the original soundtrack for the film Milano Calibro 9, an action movie directed by Fernando Di Leo. All the materials were included in the album "Preludio, Tema, Variazioni e Canzona", released in 1972 and including a prelude and a theme written by Bacalov, plus a series of variations by the band and the song I'm introducing here. The only sung track are "My Mind Flies" and "Canzona", also known as "There Will Be Time". 

"Canzona" was written by Baldazzi, Bacalov and Bardotti.

It's a beautiful, melodic song, apparently belonging to the Italian easy listening tradition, but actually charged with special and deep prog roots. To begin with, a Canzona is a XVIth Century composition based on a theme and some variations on it, including tempo and mood changes. That's exactly what Lino Vairetti's band do here, with their usual acoomplished taste. The way Vairetti sings it is highly emotional and the instrumental sketches enrich and empower the big picture. A song is just a song, but...

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