Friday, 2 October 2015

Mox (Prelude, 1979)

Prelude were a Belgian band that released a sole album titled "Voyage" in 1979, one of the most difficult years in the history of our beloved genre. That's likely why they didn't last so much and disbanded soon after this release. Guitarist Vincent Fis, however, founded a neo-prog band called Now some years later (and you'll find something by them in my blog). Back to Prelude and their opening track "Mox", I'm sure you'll perceive the naive but convincing mood of this song, musically situated between classic symphonic rock and the impending neo-prog wave.

A vintage album with a very pleasant old fashioned sound.

It's a rather long composition featuring a fluid, warm keyboard-driven sound and a good architecture. The sung themes and the instrumental parts follow one another with ease and good taste, mixing the French school (Ange and Atoll, especially) and the British one, namely Wakeman's solo albums, IMHO. A good guitar solo enriches the finale of "Mox" and also the rythm section is fully enjoyable. If you like old and forgotten albums, I bet you'll listen to this with pleasure.

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