Sunday 11 October 2015

Только ты / Only You - Диалог / Dialog (1985)

Sometimes I need a very, very melodic prog song to reset my mind. And Dialog (Диалог) provide many sweet, drreamy songs I can listen to when I'm in such a mood. This song, "Только ты" (that's to say "Only You") comes from their debut album "Просто" (or "Just So") and has a strong Floydian taste. Recorded during the Soviet era, it is another good example of Russian hard-to-die and clandestine progressive movement.

Dialogue were a seven piece band when they recorded this album. 

This track was written by keyboardist and lead singer Kim Breitburg and reveals his talent as a songwriter and also his good tasted way to mix neo-prog vein and classic prog sounds. The sung theme is catchy and ethereal, the keyboard background is pleasant and, of course, the guitars add that special, Gilmour-esque touch I never despise. So, if you feel like spending some minutes in another world, please close your eyes and give Dialog a chance.

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