Sunday 18 October 2015

The Light (Spock's Beard, 1995)

This suite is the title track from the first album by Spock's Beard and still is, IMHO, one of their best songs. Divided into eight parts, "The Light" is a succession of good ideas, great performances, catchy themes and effective riffs. After the atmospheric intro, the track lines up rock moments and melodic passages, keeping a strong and spicy flavour. There are lots of rythmic changes in this suite, and a great deal of vocal harmonies.

This debut album included two suites and two stand-alone tracks.

I especially like the way the band link very different passages between them, surprising the listener with such a manifold and still coherent stream of music. Even if you can find in this song some references to the '70s Prog Masters (specially Yes, I daresay), Spock's Beard are original from their very beginnings, displaying their unique mix of bright melodies and biting riffs, vaudeville relics and country echoes, spanish guitars and up-to-date keyboards. This is prog, baby!

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