Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Le fond du ciel (La Tulipe Noire, 2002)

Despite their name and the title of this track, La Tulipe Noire isn't a French or a French speaking band. In fact, they come from Greece and they have a rather long history made of good neo-prog inspired music. This track comes from the album "Faded Leaves" and shows the band's well known ethereal keyboards and the beautiful vocals by Ima. More than this, you'll also enjoy good and vibrant guitars and many pleasant rhytmic tapestries.

"Faded Leaves" was the fourth studio album by La Tulipe Noire.

The sung theme is also good, sharp and neat as in some early IQ songs. The changes always come in due time and cleverly alternate fast and slow moments. If you're into melodic prog rock this band will definitely interest you and this song, in particular, will offer to all listeners an electric extra charge useful in a dull day and active against depressive moods.

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