Saturday, 3 October 2015

Sobre los rieles (Subterra, 2001)

A very good and original way to neo-prog, this one. Subterra come from Chile (and their name from IQ?) and this "Sobre los rielos" (that's to say "On The Rails"), from the album "Sombras de invierno" ("Winter Shadows"), is a good and variated song. It starts with a long, atmospheric and rather dark intro, where the theatrical vocals of Max Sanchez go on very well with the keyboards background, then the rythm rises up and an instrumental section shows how good the musicians are, lining up alternate key and guitar solos.

"Sombras de inviero" was the first official album by Subterra.

A Marillion-like bass line rules the following sung section, a dense and dynamic one, moments before the heaviest section begins with a very well done wall of sound and a beautiful largo. The final part adds the sense of wonder a prog epic needs, and once again we appreciate the singer's skills. All in all, this is no revolution, but is a very pleasant way to render the (neo) prog lesson, Midway between Ange and IQ. Good idea.

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