Monday, 12 October 2015

Blood of Eden (Peter Gabriel, 1992)

When Peter Gabriel successfully combines good melodies, original arrangements and a first rate vocal performance... well, Paradise reveals itself to the well educated ears. And such a perfect mix is not rare in Peter's discography. "Blood of Eden" definitely is one of those songs, with its ethereal and even catchy sung theme, its intricate and syncopated rythm and, of course, Peter's deep and sensitive voice. Plus two fantastic guest singers: Sinéad O' Connor and Daniel Lanois!

Probably not the best Peter Gabriel's cover art. But who cares?

Of all these features, as you can imagine, I better like the music Peter wrote and the way he found to create a special, somewhat ancestral atmosphere. In this pure magic the singers enact the double game of feminine and masculine worlds and their need of union. Like all great songs, this "Blood of Eden" carries me away far, so far from the daily passions and worries... and yet, just into life, into the core of life. 

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