Wednesday 14 October 2015

Water Spark (Oaksenham, 2007)

Oaksenham are from Armenia, not exactly the most common place to start a prog rock band. But they did it and, if you ask me, they did it very well. This "Water Spark" comes from their "Conquest of The Pacific" album and is an exciting mix of old and new. A folk-oriented flute, a diversified rythmic background, a very good vintage keyboard work and even an echo of distorted guitars. That's how those musicians blend their classical training with a modern taste.

Oaksenham is a six-piece act founded in 2001.

It's definitely enough stuff to rise up a progger's attention and when you discover the way they handle tempo and mood changes, you have to listen to this one more times. I did so and I decided to put this song here: it takes me by surprise, then it carries me into a kaleidoscope of folk, classical, rock and even pop colours... that's exactly what I call prog.

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