Thursday, 11 February 2016

Natt (Thule, 1990)

This is the title track of the second album by Norwegian band Thule. Even if you can pick up here and then some hints from older prog acts, I think it'a a fully original kind of music with dark and energetic moments, many changes - especially mood changes - and aggressive mother tongue vocals. The final effect is that of a sharp and eclectic prog, suspended between symphonic elements and experimental sounds à la Magma.

Even the cover art has an original taste of its own...

The dynamic and intricate interplays support an arcane, even scary  atmosphere, so far from many Scandinavian pale and dreamy prog tracks. Surely an appropriate way to open an album and to capture the listener's attention. That said, the whole CD is worth a keen listening, IMHO. By the way, "Natt" means "Night" in English and I think it's a proper title for such a murky song!

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