Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Ladies of The Night (Airlord, 1977)

Musical life wasn't easy for prog bands in New Zealand back in the mid-Seventies. That's why Airlord had to move to Australia and never released a second work after their intriguing "Clockwork Revenge" album. "Ladies of The Night" is a fully progressive and highly diversified epic, including all the main elements I like in such a song. First of all, there's a very good songwriting, that's to say beautiful melodies and well found variations.

This band split up in 1978 and never re-united, as far as I know.

Then, a special mention goes to the arrangements, ranging from atmospheric passages to memorable solo guitars. The symphonic structure of the track is cleverly empowered with arena rock sounds, Genesis-like vocals and - last but not least - a big deal of enthusiasm. True, the fantasy concept about weird toys and wicked clockworks fighting their human masters is beyond me, but this is part of the game, after all!

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