Sunday, 21 February 2016

Посещение / The Visit (7 Ocean, 2008)

Among the many keyboard-oriented bands from Eastern Europe, 7 Ocean surely deserve our attention. Coming from Belarus, these musicians were already active during the '80s, then came back and started a proper discography in 2008. Their first album, called "Таинственная раса странных существ" (or "The Mysterious Race of Strange Entities") starts with this track, a very diversified and theatrically sung one, where leader and keyboardist Alexander Eletsky shows all his talents.

"7 Ocean" are also known as "Seventh Ocean".

I like the tempo changes, the mellow themes and the old fashioned moods they display during this epic. Nothing really new, maybe, especially if you listened to some Eloy albums, but all 7 Ocean do is well found, well performed and even better set up. They probably couldn't afford a first rate production, still their music has a peculiar pathos and a recognizable trademark. That's why I put this song here, hoping some will like it the way I do.

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