Thursday 4 February 2016

Frequency (IQ, 2009)

"Frequency" is the opening and title track from IQ's album released in 2009. When I first listened to it and I immediately recognised the fully-IQ syncopated intro, I was somehow deceived and ready to label this track as another average specimen of this band's style. Then the plot of "Frequency" striked me, its themes, changes and progressions paraded and in a feww minutes I was in love with it.

"Frequency" was the tenth studio album by IQ.

True, this track features all the main traits of IQ, but it's so well thought out and so well performed that it shines as one of the brightest stars in contemporary neo-prog sky. Highly dynamic and unpredictable, this is the sort of musical clockwork I like, full of intricate patterns and emotional peaks. That's why once again I'm grateful to IQ.

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