Wednesday 3 February 2016

Dance of The Little Fairies (Sky, 1980)

I'll skip the long and useless debate about Sky being or not a prog band and I'll add this song to my blog with a great pleasure. "Sky 2" was a remarkable double album dealing with classical and rock music, like the rest of this band's discography. This is a rather calm and folky track, including a delicate piano intro and, of course, John William's delicious classic guitar.

"Sky 2" is a diversified and very rich album.

Keyboards and harpsichord add some more atmosphere to such a beaautiful theme. Of course, "Sky 2" album is packed with epic and long tracks, but I'm partial to this little gem, showing the misty and fairy side of Sky. And of course this is a good chance to enjoy the excellent performances of these musicians...

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