Saturday 6 February 2016

Hyperborea (Tangerine Dream, 1983)

The last album by Tangerine Dream for Virgin records can be considered as a musical landmark between the fully experimental phase of the '70s and the new, ambient-like atmospheres. The title track, in particular, is one of the most arcane and well structured tracks from this "bridge" era. Inspired by the mythical northern realm of Hyperborea, this is a two part instrumental based on keyboards and soft drum machine, and also including a liquid, heartbreaking electric guitar (most likely a synth guitar effect). 

A remixed version of this album was released in 2008.

What I really like in this double sided song is the mix of sweetness and coldness the band set up, the excellent melodies and the calm, majestic crescendo in the second section. Tangerine Dream magically resumed the symphonic era and aticipated the New Age... and what's more, they added a pinch of emotion to their recipe. And very well they did!

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