Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sin trabajo (Contraluz, 1973)

Contraluz had a successful season in 1973 (especially in Argentina, their home Country) after their debut album "Americanos" was released and surely they deserved it. As this song called "Sin trabajo" ("Jobless" in English) will immediately show, their prog rock was fresh and genuine, influenced by some of the British Masters of the early '70s, but original enough to be worth of our attention after so many years.

Just for the record, the band came back in 1998 with their second album.

The clever mix of Latin American folk, acid guitars, excellent songwriting, dynamic drumming and flute à la Ian Anderson set up a charming atmosphere and a well structured plot. The changes in rythm and mood are so good and surprising that I usually listen to this track three or four times in a row. Last but not least, I love Alejandro Barzi's voice, strong and passionate as a South American vocalist should ever be.

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