Saturday 20 February 2016

Mikä aamu (Scapa Flow, 1980)

Scapa Flow were a short lived Finnish band that only released one charming album in 1980, titled "Uuteen aikaan" (taht's "A New Era" in English). Packed with sweet melodies and enthralling interplays, this record sounds like Jethro Tull meet Genesis and has a Northern melancholy bonus touch. "Mikä aamu" is a track that fully represents the gentle and folkish mix the band created and performed.

The band members were just three, plus three guest musicians.

The flute plays a central role, but all the instruments add their strong and lively contribution to a magic and never trivial song. And as  the singer employs the band's native language, the final effect is even more original and genuine. Fairy, yes, but not childish at all. Gentle, that's for sure, but never sweetish nor monotone. What else do you need to get a try?

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