Sunday 14 February 2016

Armina (Som Imaginário, 1973)

Born as a backing band to Brazilian singer Milton Nascimento, Som Imaginário soon began their own career, including at least one excellent prog rock release, the album bearing the fierce title "Matança do porco" (that's "Pig Slaughter" in English...). This actually stands as a progressive highlight in Bazilian '70s rock scene. The song "Armina" perfectly represents the beautiful fusion of jazz, classic and pop-rock elements the band chose as their musical trademark.

This progressive release was the third album by Som Imaginário.

Full-bodied passages and intimistic piano sections follow one another in a colourful and enthralling plot, where acid guitars, pulsing rythms and essential keyboards act as one. It is a highly original kind of music, with no predominant inspirations, and open to many different solutions and even to conflicting moods. But as Brazilian musicians rarely go too experimental, although unusual and new, this instrumental is still a fully enjoyable piece of music!

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