Tuesday 23 February 2016

Tombeau de Cherdak (Olive Mess, 2008)

This band from Latvia knows how to set up experimental and intrivated tracks that also have the power to capture the listener's attention, mixing tricky embroideries and charming moods, in the wake of King Crimson, but with an original and interesting approach. "Tombeau de Cherdak" also reminds me of Magma, especially when the vocals come in, but the acoustic guitar touches create a brand new atmosphere, adding some Medieval atmospheres I like very much. 

"Cherdak" was the second studio album by Olive Mess.

So, this is a highly diversified track, ranging from dissonant or free-jazz parts to sweet, fully traditional melodies and from intellectual solutions to moving sketches. The whole "Cherdak" album is packed with unpredictable changes and riveting passages, but I think this song is a very good way to get started with Olive Mess. By the way, the band is named after the French composer Olivier Messiaen. Not for the masses, but...

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