Monday, 22 February 2016

Long Goodbyes (Camel, 1984)

This song comes from the album "Stationary Traveller", released in 1984 and actually features one of the most beautiful melodies I've ever listened to in a Camel track. More than this, the 12 string guitar leading the verse and the melancholy  keyboards accompanying the chorus are heartbreaking IMHO. Of course, an electric guitar solo finishes this composition with all Mr. Latimer's well known charms.

This track was  a 7" single in Germany b/w "Waltzing Frauleins".
The traditional song scheme is perfectly exploited by its authors Latimer and Hoover, and the listener is surrounded by sweet and warm moods, delighted by sensible volume changes, intrigued by the Berlin Wall-themed lyrics, finally pampered with all the familiar and awaited sounds. Strange, even incredible, but that's all I need when I put a Camel record into my playlist.

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