Monday, 1 February 2016

Yellow Garden (Taal, 2003)

Frankly, it's impossible to give even a vague definition to Taal's music. The words eclectic and innovative are just approximate labels to begin with. These French musicians released two albums in the early 2000s and apparently love all kinds of music. More than this, they have the cultural and creative strength to put all those inspirations into well structured and coherent songs. This is the case with "Yellow Garden", coming from the album "Skymind".

"Skymind" was the second studio album by Poitiers-based Taal.

A bit of Symphonic rock (on the King Crimson side), a pinch of gypsy music, just a smell of heavy rock... and here you are an enthralling piece of prog, so thick and rich that you have to listen to it many times in a row to catch all the sophisticated solutions Taal found out. Electronic effects, distorted guitars, piano vibrations, violin and church bells... just name it! And the themes are so good... what else should a poor progfan ask for?

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