Monday, 8 February 2016

Crowded Corridors (Iamthemorning, 2014)

K-scope records are gathering an excellent bunch of artists around Steven Wilson's multiple projects and this Russian duo is one of their most interesting 2010s acts. Marjana Semkina has a beautiful voice and knows how to intertrwine notes and emotions, while Gleb Kolyadin's piano and keyboards are perfect when it comes to inner and sensitive musical worlds. "Crowded Corridors", taken from the album "Belighted", is a calm but never boring song, drawing delicate and intense watercolours describing the deepest twists of a human soul.

I really like cover arts perfectly matching with the music inside...

Some cultivated reviewers call this kind of music Chamber Prog Rock, but whatever the label they choose, I love the way Iamthemorning change deep and invisible movements of the heart into charming melodies and airy arrangements. Try them yourself and let me know...

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