Wednesday 1 July 2015

Hope (Dracma, 1996)

Dracma are a Spanish band whose second album, titled "A Fine Stormy Weather" is worth my prog friends' attention. This track, in particular, deserves some notes I'm proud to put down here. It's a fresh, rather catchy and surely diversified song. Its first section is a lively instrumental intro, then a pastoral mood comes in, with a strong (and welcome) Genesis touch. Some seconds later, here you are a delicate sung theme, a melodic and well found one. A beautiful electric guitar / keyboards interplay leading to a guitar solo finishes this gentle section.

Is it me or this tree has a familiar shape?

The following one is once again sparkling and based on a slightly jazzy mood, where a well played piano rules. Some good keyboards lead on the track and close it in the proggiest way I can imagine. Nothing unheard by human ears, of course, but everything is so pleasant and so well arranged that I usually restart the song for one more musical treat. Will you also do so? Let me know...

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