Friday 3 July 2015

Sukuba (Jeseter, 2007)

A surprising piece of prog, if you believe me. This Czech band apparently began their career as a Yes-inspired act, but their first album surely was something else. ''Slavnost Pro Jednoho'' (meaning "Celebration for One") is a collection of crossover prog songs, somehow inspired by some East-European experimental bands, and still keeping many canons from the Golden Era Symphonic rock.

Jeseter came back with their sophomore work in 2012.

This "Sukuba" ("Succubus") is based on a syncopated rythm (IQ would have liked that one), then goes on through unpredictable paths, including a passionate vocal performance, a jazzy vintage section , a lysergic guitar / keyboards interplay, a pinch Church organ, a scary vocal part  and even a folkish ballad section. The '70s mood is everywhere, but you couldn't define a prevailing influence here. Jeseter have all the virtues a good prog band should have to go on. I really hope they will.

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