Thursday, 9 July 2015

Immensa distesa (Le Orme, 1975)

This sweet, dreamy ballad taken by their "Smogmagica" album is unlikely to be the proggest song by Le Orme, but surely is one of their best melodies... and that's saying something! Not only the sung theme is well written, but the arrangement is simply perfect with a pinch of West Coast and Italian mandolin inside.

Le Orme in L.A. recording "Smogmagica".

The vocal performance is like silk, the keyboards and the guitar are suspended in a misty and mysterious sunset, a warm and golden soundscape, full of nostalgy and sweetness. Michi Dei Rossi's drumming is a pulsing whisper, and the lyrics are also very good, dealing with the eternal search for balance in human life. When I need a rest, "Immensa distesa" is exactly what I need.

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