Tuesday 21 July 2015

Freudiana (Eric Woolfson / Alan Parsons, 1990)

A song, this time. An apparently plain one, in fact, but - as usual with prog-related artists - there is more than meets the... ear! "Freudiana" is the title song of what should have been The Alan Parsons Project's eleventh studio work and actually is credited to no one (but Eric Woolfson's name appears in the stage cast version). It must be considered, however, as the last brainchild by both Eric and Alan. When Woolfson and Parsons parted their ways, a new album was more or less finished, then Woolfson decided to release it with a more rock opera arrangement, partly done by artistic director Brian Brolly.

The original version of the album features a white cover.

Even so, this song is quintessential APP and is sung by Eric on a very Parsonian electronic background. All the sounds are deep and arcane, luckily more than they ever were in the previous discography of the two artists. The melody is strong and effective with a gentle verse and a rather bombastic chorus, while the final guitar solo by Ian Bairnson provides that little rock 'n' roll that we all like to hear now and then in a song by the Project. The lyrics offer a revealing intro to the album, a concept about life and works of Sigmund Freud that also debuted on stage. An excellent song, unfortunately one of the last ones by one of the most successful musical duos ever.

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