Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Keyboard Waltz (Culpeper's Orchard)

Please let me introduce some tracks from the folk side of prog, from time to time. This is the case with this delicious song by Danish band Culpeper's Orchard, coming from their second studio album, titled "Second Sight". The early '70s were full of folkish bands and songs, but this one has its own taste, based on a mid-tempo background and evolving with some gentle slide guitars and a very, very rich percussive carpet.

This Danish band had a British singer: Mr. Cy Nicklin.

Now and then the song changes and opens new horizons, carefully unfolding its musical curtains. The warm and acoustic feeling of the hippy era meets an electric and slightly acid sound, so that "Keyboard Waltz" has a comfortable mood, but a less homely approach than many other tracks from that period. All in all, a track I still like to put in my playlist after so many years.

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