Sunday 19 July 2015

Lehaim To N.E.P. (Disen Gage, 2008)

Nothing would be stranger than a mix of King Crimson, Debussy, Gentle Giant and Weather Report and of course I couldn't imagine that such a thing existed. Not before listening to Disen Gage, a Russian band I came across some years ago via the Internet. As you probably know, I don't like hard core experimental prog, but I'm rather lured by something like that when I also find in it some "real" music and an attempt to communicate.

This album was the third Disen Gage's studio work.

Well, this track, coming from the album "...The Reverse May Be True" is exactly what I'm searching for in the dark universe of crossover prog: these musicians like to explore different and unusual paths, but they also like to play good music. The vague gipsy mood of this instrumental and the way it goes in and out of melody, never too easy and never too tricky, surely please my ears. The band seem to have a great time when playing and their state of mind reaches the listener's soul. So this is music, this is prog. A weird one, maybe, but I like it.

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