Saturday, 11 July 2015

Tanz und Tod (Anyone's Daughter, 1982)

Anyone's Daughter are one of my favourite german bands ever. I think this "Tanz und Tod" (something like "Dance And Death" in English) should explain why I'm fond of them. It's a three-part suite coming from the album "In Blau", and it also should prove how the '80s sounds could go along very well with prog rock (they rarely did, I know...). And with native language lyrics, that's always a plus to me.

"In Blau" was the fourth album by Anyone's Daughter.

The three sections of this track are really diversified, ranging from pop-prog to piano solo and from spoken lines to a full-bodied symphonic finale. Of course, other attractions are there to please the prog ear: guitar solos (the last and longest one is good as gold, IMHO), jazzy passages and so on. Energetic and dynamic, yes, but also romantic and melodic, this composition doesn't bind me to choose between heaven and hell... it's an all-inclusive set. I take it.

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