Sunday 26 July 2015

Sasquatch (Camel, 1982)

"The Single Factor" isn't my favourite album by Camel and it is unlikely to be yours, as far as I can see. But there are excellent tracks in it, especially the instrumental ones, like this "Sasquatch", a true prog gem. Its lively and changing rythm, the intricate interplays and the usual camel-esque warm melodies are but three of the good reasons to listen to it. Let's see some other ones.

"The Single Factor" was the ninth studio album by Camel.

The simultaneous presence of 12-string and electric guitars creates a sparkling and enjoyable mood, so that the tempo and theme changes can count on a constant and never too invasive background. Latimer's guitar is another highlight of "Sasquatch", but then I'm saying nothing new: Andrew's original touch has a brilliant and cheerful nuance in this track, rather on the sunny side of Camel. That said, my dear progfriends, I'll leave you the pleasure to start this enthralling musical journey.

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