Wednesday 15 July 2015

Invincible (Muse, 2006)

A great song by Muse. Even more: a great prog song. An atmospheric melody, a keen and lushing arrangement, a splendid vocal performance by Matthew Bellamy, a vibrating guitar solo and, of course, an old fashioned and still so modern arrangement. I must confess that when I found this song leading the whole planet charts I was impressed and moved. It seemed to me that the music I used to love in my youngest years was back again. And once more successful.

"Black Holes & Revelations" was the fourth studio work by Muse.

Of course, this is a 21st Century song, with all the newest technical solutions and matching with the contemporary musical scene and icons. Still, how many hints from the past I found here! No, I won't even try to write down a list of quotations: that would be useless and unfair. This is a song that clearly shows how evergreen can be that special point of view on music we call prog in want of a proper word. I'm so happy Muse are here to scream their inside world out and to keep on searching new ways for rock.

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