Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Ici, Maintenant (Nemo, 2006)

This song by Nemo comes from their "Si - Part 1" album and is one of the best examples one could find of their lively, diversified and rather aggressive kind of prog. I like this track very much, expecially because of its everchanging moods. The piano and the effective sung theme open "Ici, Maintenant" ("Here, Now" in English), then a bombastic wall of sound breaks the atmosphere and empowers the melody.

This edition included both installments of the "Si" concept.

The following steps are lined up in a very clever way: heavy prog, electronic effects, delicate piano touches, rythmic crescendos and, of course, the main theme reprises. It's a little musical jewel combining rock and melody, just the way prog should be. I can't say I love Nemo's whole production, but songs like this one, well... I adore!

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