Wednesday 29 July 2015

En aio paeta (Wigwam, 1969)

No doubt Procol Harum played a central role in defining what we call today proto-prog. And they influenced so many bands all around the planet. Finnish Wigwam also started their huge career including two or three Procol-shaped songs in their debut album. This "En aio paeta" ("I'm not going to escape", more or less) is a good example of their proto-prog period and also a good song. The finnish lyrics add an exotic mood to the track and the piano plus organ arrangement is essential and effective.

Wigwam's first studio album was called "Hard n' Horny"...
A vague folk inspiration and the well released vocal harmonies underline the pastoral atmosphere and I especially like Matts Huldén's bass line, so warm and neat. Some say those old songs are just archaeological curiosities, but when I listen to this plain and short composition I wonder how many glorified current bands could give me as strong emotions as "En aio paeta" does in its three minutes or so of old, charming poetry.

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