Saturday 4 July 2015

Not of This World (Pendragon, 2001)

Here you are a three part suite by Pendragon, that's also the title track of their 2001 album. The first part is full of energy, an awesome instrumental intro one could put on the first page of a progressive rock handbook. Then the sung part comes in, a well found and lively melody, a hearty crescendo with an atmospheric interlude leading to the Ridi pagliaccio quotation. Clive Nolan does a great work on keyboards in the subsequent bridge, then the listener enjoys a typical Pendragon largo.

"Not of This World" was Pendragon's sixth official studio work.

The third part opens on a suspended mood and a new, calm and moody melody fills the air. Nick Barrett knows how to exploit those dreamy moments to put some feeling into his songs and, of course, to launch the final guitar solo, here doubled by vocals. That's Pendragon: you like them or you hate them, you loose yourself in their silky music or you throw away the CD. Guess what I do!

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