Friday, 17 July 2015

Four Moments (Sebastian Hardie, 1975)

I think this suite is not only one of the highlights from the same titled album by Australian band Sebastian Hardie, but it's one of the best moments of mid-70s progressive rock. The track is divided into four parts ("Glories Shall Be Released", "Dawn of Our Sun", "Journey Through Our Dreams" and "Everything is Real") and has about 20 minutes of total running time. As usual, the four movements are mainly melodic and present a flushing arrangement, both rich in keyboard effects and guitar solos. The vocal harmonies are also excellent and the tempo changes are cleverly lined up to create a pleasant and variated listening experience.

The back cover of the original LP.
Most of the music and lyrics were written by guitarist Mario Millo, the actual leader of Sebastian Hardie, but keyboardist Toivo Pilt's contribution is essential, IMHO, to the special mood of this suite. It's surprising how mature, effective and coherent this track is when it comes from the band's debut album. Last but not least, please enjoy Mario Millo's vocal performance: it seems to me he sings his inner feelings.

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