Saturday, 18 July 2015

Bhula Do Unhey (Coshish, 2013)

Indian prog rock is growing fast. Coshish are one of the most interesting bands there, gathering many different musical worlds into one well recognizable modern version of progressive rock. This "Bhula Do Unhey" comes from the concept album "Firdous" and is a highly diversified track. It starts slowly with an atmospheric and captivating acoustic guitar, it goes on as a mid-tempo ballad and then here you are a devilish electric guitar accompanying the chorus and finally performing solo.

Coshish finally got a major's production for their "Firdous".

Really, this is an eclectic and convincing way to build up a catchy but never trivial song. "Bhula Do Unhey" can be read as both a wannabe chart single and a musical exploration along old and new progressive paths. A pinch of Tool, half a teaspoon of Porcupine Tree and lots of good ideas, of course. Easy? Not so...

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