Tuesday 30 June 2015

The Blues (Collage, 1994)

I do think "Moonshine" is a neo-prog masterpiece and you'll find more than one song from this album in my blog. Collage were at their best during the composition and recording process of this work. Some of the songs are no doubt prog pearls and "The Blues" certainly is. Its rich, flushing texture and its excellent melodies are there to please the prog ears. I also like all those tempo and volume changes, ranging between a sparkling and lively rock and atmospheric, graceful passages.

The 20th anniversary of "Moonshine"... a good reason to celebrate!
Robert Amirian's voice is simply perfect, so full of energy and also sensible and delicate when it comes to that. And at minute 4:20 begins what is likely to be my favourite moment: a sudden stop, then a long and enthralling instrumental passage, including some keen guitar / keyboard interplays and solos. A treat, if you ask me. Well, that's enough with descriptions: listen to it, then let me know what you think of it.

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