Friday 24 July 2015

La Magna Carta (Drama, 1998)

When French band Drama released their album called "Flying over The 21st Century", some reviewers found it a little incoherent, being full of disparate ethnic references. I can't deny it's actually weird to fly over the entire planet in a single CD, but there are many beautiful moments in this record. Among my favourite ones is the opening song, "La Magna Carta", lining up in an enthralling succession Scottish bigpipes, Peruvian flutes, Spanish guitars, Genesisian quotes, Oldfield lanscapes and Floydian breaks.

This album was the second studio work by Drama.

Despite such a composite lot (and, alas, the programmed drums), the electric guitars and the rythm section succeed in their desperate effort to draw a coherent pattern in which each moment finds its place. It's a foolish rhapsody, maybe, but I like its liveliness and the sincere love for prog rock it reveals. Not for the purist ears, but highly recommended if you're searching for a sunny and easy piece of music.

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