Monday 27 July 2015

Virtual Reality (The Skys, 1999)

The Skys (sic) released their first full-length album only in 2004, but I decided to introduce here this fascinating "Virtual Reality" coming from a short cassette recorded in 1999 and rightfully titled "Dreams". These Lithuanian musicians like unusual arrangements and suspended moods, so this track is exactly what you need to enter their musical world. Please note this is not ambient nor post-rock: I think we could describe it as a highly descriptive and inner kind of prog, where everything is done to show the listener into a secret and somehow disquieting dimension.

The original cassette cover art.

All the imstruments are employed in a rarefied and arcane way, even the vocal theme is half-sung and half-said. The acoustic guitar and the sax add a warm touch to the song and the discreet, sliding keyboards back a heartbreaking piano. Emotions come out of this apparently bare musical box and directly reach my soul. Is it me or these Skys should deserve more attention outside their Country?

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