Thursday, 4 June 2015

The Voyage (The Moody Blues, 1969)

Here you are a magnificent early prog track coming from "On The Treshold of A Dream", one of the most interesting albums by The Moody Blues. This one actually is a brave track, and that for many reasons. Not only it is a fully instrumental track, something rather unusual in 1969, but it is also based on a wide range of keyboards, including a heartbreaking, and lines up an unpredictable series of musical sketches, more like a soundtrack than like a song.

This work was the fourth studio album by The Moody Blues.

Last but not least, "The Voyage" is somewhat part of a little suite, being the central section of a trilogy including the two parts of "Have You Heard". This gem actually is a voyage, a trip through strange galaxies or, more likely, through hidden soul corners. Finally, "The Voyage" is one of the best reasons I found to love The Moody Blues. Is that enough for you? It surely is for me.

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