Sunday 7 June 2015

Starborne (Happy The Man, 1977)

When it comes to creative ways to get into prog rock, Happy The Man's debut album is an excellent choice. In their own slightly dissonant and always surprising way, these American musicians gathered a collection of crossover songs that still remains as an unavoidable reference to the open minded proggers. This leading track is one of the most charming pearls in the LP, based on a spacey mood I could die for, on which all the instruments draw abstract themes.

This album lines up a stunning series of unpredictable tracks.

Kit Watkin's minimoog is of course the main character in the play, but I also love the way drummer Mike Beck and bassist Rick Kennell give a stronger texture to the track... they seem to unveil a wide landscape to the listener, conjuring up new details and unseen skies. A great way to open an album, IMHO, and also a perfect sample of what I call reflection music.

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