Monday, 8 June 2015

When I Meet God (Marillion, 2001)

Here's one of those songs I listen to very often and I like each time more. "Anoraknophobia" included two long tracks of this kind and they still are among my favs. The lyrics about human weakness and the slow, winding rythm  are luckily the first features the listener pick up from the song. Then the beautiful melody comes in... and I'm in a musical heaven.

Anoraknophobia deals with "Anoraks", meaning Marillion's fans

The verse, the chorus and the bridge are all so well written and the tempo change is so well set up that the whole track seems shorter than it actually is. Mark Kelly signs one of his best keyboard arrangements ever, full of what I'd call sense of wonder and of course the rest of the band are at their heigths too. The whole track is packed with original tricks and nonetheless is a fully enjoyable and catchy song. Another miracle by Marillion, I daresay.

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