Tuesday 9 June 2015

C'è un paese al mondo (Maxophone, 1975)

The only album by Italian act Maxophone still stands as one of the masterpieces of prog during the classic era. Rich and highly original, still perfectly recognizable in its genre, this work is opened by the track I'm introducing here. It's a diversified song, featuring an elegant piano intro, then the band comes in in all its dynamic and full-bodied sound. The wind section also joins this musical feast, adding a distinctive and warm colour to the big picture. The tempos and the moods keep on changing, incorporating a slight jazzy section and the beautiful and theatrical vocals by Alberto Ravasini.

Colours and sadness: this cover art is as constrasting as the music inside.

The Italian lyrics perfectly fit into such an enthralling and ever changing music, describing an utopian country growing up on the roots of truth and where freedom dances. This enchanted carousel of contrasts and good melodies actually illustrates the '70s soul, even if the band came too late to the music market to enjoy the commercial succes they would have deserved.

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