Sunday, 14 June 2015

Berlin (Barclay James Harvest, 1978)

Probably because I'm not from UK, I'm fond of all things related to Old Britain. BJH are quintessential English pop-rock (even when they sing Berlin) and their prog vein runs behind the musical lines of well found melodies and dreamy arrangements. I like this song very much. This pearl comes from "XII", one of my favourite albums of theirs, but it's likely well known as part of the "Concert for the People" the band performed in 1982, actually in West Berlin.

"Berlin" is one of my favourite live albums ever.

What really strikes me - here and in so many other BJH's songs - is the fluid composition and the way those musicians had to be sweet and never sweetish. Of course, a tough progger wouldn't even accept to listen the first chord of "Berlin", but I'm not in that company and I like the pop side of prog as well. Only, I can only love this kind of songs as long as they move me. And this is exacly what "Berlin" does.

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