Thursday 25 June 2015

Heretics (Dream The Electric Sleep, 2014)

"Heretics" will luckily be considered the consecration CD for this Kentucky based band. And I do think they're mature enough to leave the wannabe status and enter the modern prog bands inner circle. As this title track can easily prove, they play a rather rough and keenly assembled kind of prog, definitely XXIst Century branded, but also reminiscent of the glorious past (especially of King Crimson, I daresay).

"Heretics" is the band's second studio album.

The saturated electric mood of this song is charming. The bass and the rythm guitar underline a discreet, effective background work (no keys, but a ton of beautiful guitar effects) and some crying solos. From the leading wall of sound to the final suspended landscapes, all is essential and perfectly in tune. These guys work and re-work their materials until they find that sound, that bridge, that distorsion. They're never trivial and never predictable. This and their taste for good melodies are enough for me. But then, I know, I'm just a simple progfan.

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