Monday 29 June 2015

Safe [Canon Song] (Chris Squire, 1975)

"Fish out of Water", the first Chris Squire's solo album, was never fully appreciated, IMHO, and this song, the last and longest one, should prove my view. The symphonic structure of "Safe", its somewhat hieratic themes (well, the sub-title Canon Song is there for some reason, I daresay) and the perfect balance between Squire's unavoidable performance and the rest of the band's contribution seem to me the highlights of this track.

"Fish out of water" was a treat for many Yes and prog fans.

Chris's voice isn't exactly Jon Anderson's, but I like it very much both here and in Yes songs. More than this, the quiet, acoustic contributions by Jimmy Hastings (flute), Mel Collins (sax) and the orchestra are so well mixed with the electric instruments that I can hardly tell the ones from the others. It's a majestic and deep piece of music, with no useless and baroque fillers: each moment is there to give an emotion and this is exactly what I call prog rock.

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