Sunday, 21 June 2015

Song of Wire (Wallenstein, 1973)

Coming from the Golden Era of prog, Wallenstein are among the most interesting German bands ever. This rather floydian song illustrates their peculiar way to symphonic rock with both classical and space-rock sides. "Song of Wire" is taken from their "Cosmic Century" album and starts with a piano intro. The following moods range between spacey landscapes, relaxed chords and electric guitar / piano interplays, the latter being their most recognizable trademark.

"Cosmic Century" was Wallenstein's third studio album.

The sung parts are on the melodic ballad side, and flow into bombastic walls of sound, like Pink Floyd meet early King Crimson. There is in fact a pastoral atmosphere all along this track, a pensive mood that perfectly matches with some electric and arcane passages. I also perceive an emotional charge in this music, preventing Wallenstein from being a mere derivative band. A cup of '70s nectar I highly recommend. With or without milk, depending on your taste!

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