Wednesday 24 June 2015

Wartime Chronicles (Andrew Roussak, 2008)

Born in Russia, but especially active in the German prog scene, Andrew Roussak is a talented keyboardist, a very good composer and also a spectacular performer, IMHO. He played with some prog bands  and also won the online competition launched by The Tangent to play in their album COMM. (And that's how I came across his name). This track comes from his solo album "No Trespassing" and perfectly represents Roussak's eclectic and bombastic idea of prog, something between Rick Wakeman and neo-prog bands.

"No Trespassing" was Roussak's debut solo album.
"Wartime Chronicles" is full of changes, strong guitar riffs (by guest guitarist Oliver Weisloger) , quick scales, classical refeerences and it's also graced by the clever drumming of Hendrik Plachtzik, let alone Andrew's grand piano. I really like the turning points of this instrumental, some of which are unpredictable and very well found. If you like enthralling and majestic music, try this track!

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